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Standard admission: 20€

Admission With Numbered Seat: 30€

*Children’s admission (6-11 years old - valid only for the performances of the ‘Invisible Circus’): 15€

Ticket pre-sale is available two weeks before each event.
Tickets for the Sani Festival events can be purchased in the following ways:
Through the website and the platform, with a credit card charge
• Οnline availability of tickets is completed 24 hours before the event.
• Through the on-line purchase of numbered place tickets, you can choose your location at Sani Hill, according to the availability of the seats plan.
• Tickets are picked up directly from venues.
If you want to buy tickets online, click here.

Additionally, ticket orders by phone are also available through the telephone center of (+30 210 8938 111 / 09:00-21:00 seven days a week).


Stereodisk | Aristotelous 4, T: 2310 262912
Konstantinidis Book & Style | Metropolis 92, T: 2310256173
At the hotels of SANI RESORT, T: 23740 99400

Additionally, tickets are also sold through collaborating network of Public stores in Greece (additional charge of 1€)

For your transfer to Sani Festival we recommend, a platform for searching co-passengers for ecological and group travel.

CHILD AGE 0-6 years old

  • Admission to children up to the age of 6 is not allowed due to the nature of the events.
  • For ages 7 to 11, admission is free of charge.
  • A regular ticket is valid from the age of 12.
  • If children's escorts have purchased numbered tickets, they must also provide a corresponding ticket for children over 10 years of age.

RETURN TICKETS: Refunds are not allowed

START TIME: at Sani Hill events start at 21.30, unless otherwise stated on the forms, on the Sani Festival website and in the social media.

PROGRAM: Sani Festival reserves the right to change the program after the official printed program of the event.

VENUE: Sani Hill is not an organized theater but a natural place adjacent to the Medieval Tower. Due to the particularity of the concert venue, there are limited seating positions, numbered and not. A part of the audience, depending on their time of attendance, may be forced to attend the event sitting on the grass. The purchase of a general entry ticket does not provide a guaranteed seat for the buyer.


  • Transporting bottles (plastic, glass or aluminum) or other dangerous objects on site. Viewers accept that the organizers bear no responsibility for accidents or damage to items that may result from inaccurate public behavior or the theft or damage of property by malicious persons
  • any transport of flammable materials.
  • the possession and use of audiovisual and photographic media (video recording, recording or photographing the event or part of it), and the complete deactivation of mobile phones (unless otherwise announced at the start or duration of the photo-taking concert via mobile phones and only for this function).


  • cancellation of the event due to force majeure, such as: strikes, government bans, artist illness, etc. Tickets redeeming dates and venues will be announced as soon as possible.
  • cancellation of the event due to bad weather in the first forty five (45) minutes, there will be an announcement by the organizer of the time and the way of returning the ticket. After the first forty-five (45) minutes, the event is considered complete and there will be no refund of the ticket.
  • postponement of the event, the price of the ticket is NOT refunded but the ticket will be valid for the new date announced by the media. And from


For more information: 2310 317 327, 2310 312 32


Nikolaou Plastira 55

54250 Thessaloniki
Τ: 2310 317327 | F: 2310 317881

Artistic Director

Olga Tabouris-Babalis:

Production & Management

SYMVOLI Conference& Cultural Management

Vicky Papadimitriou (Mngmt)

Elena Pistolaki

T: 2310 433099 | F: 2310 433599

Communication Manager 

Georgia Dodou:

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