Wedding vows

At Sani we make sure your wedding day is one you will never forget. We ensure everything is just right, and with a choice of breathtaking venues to choose from, your memories of your special day will endure forever. 

  • Sani Church

    Sani Church is an idyllic location for those who prefer a more traditional setting for their wedding celebrations. Your vows will be read in the picturesque courtyard of a stone-built Greek church, which stands in the grounds of the Sani Resort a stone’s throw from Sani Marina. 

  • Sani Cruiser

    On this romantic open topped vessel, you will read your vows against the dazzling backdrop of the Halkidiki coastline. Enjoy the gentle lapping of the Aegean Sea as you and your guests share this intimate moment, then enjoy a chilled glass of champagne as you relax and take in the ever-changing coastal views.

  • Sani Hill

    The 360° views from Sani Hill are simply breathtaking. Reading your vows in this spectacular setting, you will be surrounded by azure sea, beautiful white sand beaches and verdant green rolling hills. With Mount Olympus shimmering in the distance, your wedding celebrations will be truly blessed by the Gods.

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