Triathlon Academy

In association with Seaworld

An exciting opportunity for individuals, groups and families to take on adrenaline-pumping sessions held at the Sani Triathlon Academy. You’ll swim in the blue waters of the Aegean, and go running & cycling through the unique natural environment of Sani Resort. The Triathlon Academy is the most refreshing way to stay active on holiday and spend some quality time in the great outdoors.

If the time you spend by the beach is reserved for relaxation only, you can choose the DUATHLON, which only includes running and cycling. The TRIATHLON AND DUATHLON are a combination of the sports; swimming, cycling and running. The Sani Triathlon Academy offers guests personalised training plans prepared by professionals and carried out on a daily basis with personal trainers. Swimming sessions are held on the beach, while the Sani Forest and expansive wetlands make excellent locations for mountain biking and trial running. Activities can be arranged for individuals, small groups or families, even when there are varying levels of experience, stamina and technique.

The exciting training programmes include warm-up and cool-down sessions, with varying combinations of the sports such as swimming and cycling, running and swimming, and the techniques to transition between the two. With various programmes available for beginners through to the highly-experienced, the Sani Triathlon Academy offers guests the chance to learn the best techniques for each of these key sports from the beginning, or the opportunity to upgrade their fitness routines. In the advanced sessions, participants will also enjoy the added training sessions which focus on strength, flexibility and relaxation; including body weight training, pilates and yoga.

Each participant receives a Welcome Kit, which includes a backpack, a HYDRAZERO running T-shirt, a Hydrazero Superlight Water Bottle, a trail belt PRO, high quality sport nutrition products & a diet programme.

The Sani Triathlon Academy will provide necessary mountain bikes, wet suits, swimming goggles etc.

Location: Sani Beach, Building B

Opening Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm

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