The Resort


Sani Resort is situated on the magnificent Kassandra peninsula, the first of the three beach-fringed peninsulas of Halkidiki. Sani overlooks Mount Olympus and is close to the glorious but unspoiled beaches of the Sithonia peninsula.

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This luxury resort is also within easy reach of Thessaloniki – Greece’s second largest city and the capital of Macedonia (also voted “Best Mid-Sized European city for human capital and lifestyle” by Financial Times in 2014). It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a vibrant cultural centre with theatres, clubs, contemporary art museums, galleries, designer shops and a bustling café culture. We get the sun all year round and even our winters are mild. You can see the average weather conditions for each of our opening months below.

Climate Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Average max . day temperature in °C 20 25 30 32 32 28 22
Average min. night temperature in °C 10 14 18 21 21 17 13
Water temperature in °C 16 20 23 25 25 23 20
Average sunlight hours/days 7 8 10 12 10 8 6