We are committed to protecting the biodiversity of our neighbouring environment and in making our location a very special part of our guests’ stay. Together with selected non-profit partners we have developed programmes to protect the environment and further enhance the Sani experience for our guests. In cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society (partner of Birdlife International), Sani implements a monitoring programme for the birds of Sani Wetlands and their habitat. At the Sani Marina, the Hellenic Ornithological Society run a stand, that offers information on the biodiversity of the area, as well as environmental educational games for children every afternoon.

The 'Plant a Tree' programme has grown over 10,000 trees in forests that were destroyed by the devastating forest, with the help of a local non-profit, Friends of Urban Green.

The Sani Animal Rescue Programme is another Sani Green initiative, run in association with the Halkidiki Animal Rescue charity. The programme has the aim of vaccinating and recording stray animals in the region and helping them find a home, often one with Sani guests around the world, who choose to adopt homeless dogs or cats. In rooms, the Sani Bear is sold raising money for forest projects for the charity Arcturos.

The partner’s list includes:

  Hellenic Ornithological Society
  Halkidiki Animal Rescue
  Friends of Urban Green