Local Focus

Sani Green projects with a local community focus range from the Sani Wetlands project, forest preservation and protection, pop-up events showcasing the local community and products, the Sani Animal Rescue programme and other initiatives throughout the year.

The Sani Wetlands Project

The resort is adjacent to the Sani wetlands, a Natura European Network area of Protected Natural Beauty. The Sani Wetlands project focus on biodiversity protection and education. With an area of approximately 110 hectares, the wetlands are home to over 225 species of birds – almost half the total of bird species found in the whole of Greece – with many of them rare and globally endangered.

Sani has partnered with the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS), the Birdlife International local affiliate, in implementing a monitoring programme for the birds and their habitat, as well as taking action in preserving vulnerable species. With the help of HOS birdwatching routes were established and sign-posted, with placards providing information about the biodiversity to hundreds of birdwatchers and local school children that visit. All guests will find a copy of the Sani Wetlands book in their room, which outlines the aims of the project and showcases the spectacular wildlife of the lakes, as well as the suggested maps and routes for birdwatching. Sani has also published a fairy tale book, Hermes the Black-Winged Stilt, available in selected rooms and for purchase, with all proceeds donated to the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

Sani also helps to organize public events, such as Eurobirdwatch, that takes place in the Sani Wetlands every year. Bird watching trips to the wetlands are offered by bike or on foot for guests and local school visits are also organized and hosted throughout the year.

At the Sani Marina, the Hellenic Ornithological Society runs a stand, that offers information on the biodiversity of the area, an interactive experience with the sounds of birds, as well as environmental educational games for children every afternoon.

Sani invites guests to also voluntarily contribute to the project by contributing one euro upon check out, which the company then doubles. This funds a continuous project to ensure the protection of the area. A blog is maintained by Sani, reporting on new species and developments in the wetlands at

Forest Preservation and Protection

A dedicated Sani Forest team ensures the Sani forest and its wildlife is protected. The team maintains kilometres of sign-posted forest trails to be experienced and enjoyed by guests and the local community. Other Sani Green initiatives include protecting local forests in the wider Halkidiki region. For example, the Plant a Tree programme has grown and cared for over 10,000 trees in forests that were destroyed by devastating forest fires. Additionally, Sani supports Arcturos, the national charity, through the sale of the Sani Bear, available in selected rooms, raising money for forest protection across the country.

Supporting the Local Community and Products

Sani is a keen supporter of the local community. This manifests itself in many ways, from donations to local charities and institutions, for example to create a village library, church or playgrounds, to using local growers for over 60% of fruit and vegetables. Through a cooperation with a local farm, guests are given the opportunity to visit the farm and the grower on complimentary trips, as well as become farmers for a morning.

The Sani Eco Days are open to both guests and local residents and aim to showcase local produce, such as the unique Halkidiki honey, olives and tsipouro, with the participation of local producers, women’s cooperatives and arts associations. Sani Resort regularly opens its facilities to the local community with initiatives such as providing complimentary tickets for the Sani Festival to youth from nearby villages, organising Sani Wetlands school visits and tours, and offering free sailing lessons.

Animal Protection

The Sani Animal Rescue programme is dedicated to re-homing stray animals in the region. The programme aims to vaccinate and record stray cats and dogs and help find a home for them, often one with Sani guests around the world.

Halkidiki Animal Rescue who runs the programme in partnership with Sani, works with several local and international animal welfare groups (such as Greek Animal rescue, Danish Friends of Animals, Friends of Strays of Greece, Caring for the Animals Trust and Animal Pard Net) and local vets. Please contact Guest Relations if you wish to adopt an animal or learn more about the programme.  

Sani also supports Halkidiki Animal Rescue beyond the Sani area. The company has donated funds and materials for the creation of the stray animal home the charity runs. Halkidiki Animal Rescue hopes to save as many animals in the wider Halkidiki area as they can. Should you wish to support them, you can do so by contacting [email protected] or Halkidiki Animal Rescue directly on [email protected]. The charity has set up a wish list on Amazon with all the daily essentials they need to take care of the stray animals they look after as part of their wider Halkidiki Animal Rescue programme.  To make a donation you can access the wish list on Amazon. The paypal account is [email protected]. Should you want to be in touch, you can enquire about adopting an animal, for which paperwork can be quickly prepared, choose to donate to the charity or simply learn more about its work in the region.