Superfoods at Sani

Low in calories, high in nutrients and bursting with flavour- we call them Superfoods for a reason!

Packed full of goodness such as antioxidants, minerals and fibre, this special category of foods not only give our bodies a boost of essential nutrients, but taste great too. And most of the “Superfoods” that we use at Porto Sani are grown in Greece - so they’re good for you and good for local producers too.

Find our "Superfoods corner" during breakfast and make your own healthy choices to start the day in the best possible way. Alternatively, try our “Superfoods” options in our a-la carte menus, using the freshest of ingredients from our own farm within the Sani area. All “Superfoods” recipes offer high nutritional value and are proudly recommended by our experienced nutritionists.

Here is our breakfast Superfoods selection:

  1. Acai Berry     
  2. Goji berries    
  3. Almonds     
  4. Walnuts     
  5. Flaxseed  
  6. Blueberries     
  7. Strawberries     
  8. Honey     
  9. Cinnamon     
  10. Dark Chocolate    
  11. Green Tea     
  12. Eggs     
  13. Salmon     
  14. Extra Virgin Olive Oil     
  15. Onions      
  16. Spinach     
  17. Garlic     
  18. Tomatoes    
  19. Mushrooms     
  20. Broccoli     
  21. Beans