Pound Protection

In order to protect you from any Euro to Pound currency fluctuations and to help you with your holiday budgeting, Sani Resort uses a unique "Pound Protection" scheme.

How does it work?

Sani Resort is safeguarding British guests should the exchange rate slump lower than 1.10 Euros to the Pound by offering discounts to reflect the exchange rate (1) at your time of arrival. If the exchange rate is lower than 1.10 Euros to the Pound, we will apply a 5% discount to the price of your booking (2). If the exchange rate should drop to below 1 Euro to the Pound, we will apply a 10% discount. The “Pound Protection” offer is only valid for direct bookings.

(1) exchange rates are mid-market rates from www.xe.com
(2) room rate includes basic board or extended board as booked and confirmed

Here is a useful summary table:

Exchange rate at time of arrival (1)

Extra discount on arrival (2) 

£1.00 is less than €1.10 5%
£1.00 is less than €1.00 10%

To take advantage of this offer please email us today or call +30 23740 99500.