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If you are dreaming of a warm summer sea breeze and a cool cocktail in hand, we can bring the flavour of Sani to you, at home.

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  • Upgraded Childcare For Little Guests

The new Little Guests team introduces their enhanced, creative childcare programmes for enchanting experiences led by experienced, caring professionals. Read this article

  • Sani Resort | Sani News | Carousel 1


    A dreamy place where relaxation is certain, luxury is effortless & safety always comes first, here are just a few of the things you can expect to enjoy in 2021.

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  • Sani Resort | Carousel | family beach


    The new Little Guests team introduces their enhanced, creative childcare programmes for enchanting experiences led by experienced, caring professionals.

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    Our Director of Sustainability & CSR, Eleni Andreadis, joins The ‘Green & Healthy Places’ Podcast to discuss the role of sustainability, wellbeing and community in hotels and resorts. “How to balance a luxury hospitality experience with the demands of an ambitious sustainability plan and a genuine concern for both wildlife and local culture.”

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  • Sani Spotify

    Sani Resort on Spotify

    Introducing a new opportunity to travel through music, with our carefully curated playlists, now found on Spotify. Tune in to the artists of Sani Festival, the sounds of Jazz on the Hill, your favourite White Party songs and the music that will take you back to dining by the sea at Sani Resort.

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  • Sani Resort | Sani@Home| Wetlands story


    Meet Hermes, a black-winged stilt who gets lost in the Sani Wetlands. Join him on his journey to find his friends and a place to build his nest. “Hermes, the Black-Winged Stilt”, is a beautiful children’s book published by Sani Resort in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

    Read the online version here.

  • Sani Resort & Annabel Karmel | Cooking with kids |Sani Resort

    Stay home with Annabel’s recipes

    Whether you are planning a romantic meal for two or the whole family, Annabel has created a super fun menu everyone will love. These dishes are ideal for little hands to help prepare, too.

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  • Sani Resort | Travel to Sani without leaving home

    Travel to Sani without leaving home

    Books to read, music to listen to… here's how to pretend you're in Sani from the comfort of your own living room.

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  • Sani Resort | Children | Annabel Karmel

    A taster of what’s to come...

    Across Sani Resort, Little Guests can enjoy Annabel’s specially designed menus.

    Here’s a taster of what they’ll discover.

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  • Baby Consulting by Carol Mae | Sani Resort |Greece

    Travel light with tots, you say?

    Travelling with little ones can be an anxious time for any parent. Carol Mae Consulting Ltd has put together some top tips for going away with your little ones.

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  • Sani Little Guests Children

    Little Guests are VIPs, too

    Leave behind your stroller, bottle sterilizer, baby monitor, cot and bedding, Gro Clock, bed guard, bath seats, and that trusty white noise machine. Porto Sani has it covered! All you need to plan is how you’ll spend your break.

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