Learn at Sani

Some people just want to relax in the sun while others want to learn something new on holiday, so Sani is now offering parents and children the chance to master new skills in a fun environment. So if that’s what you like, don’t miss this opportunity. 

Tennis Academy

With eight flood-lit courts in the new Sports Complex, learning to play tennis is simple at Sani. Enjoy a relaxed tennis session with your children or a lesson from one of our professional coaches. For children it’s a great chance to learn the first steps in tennis, such as hand eye co-ordination and serving, and can take part in a friendly match with their new friends. Το find out more, please visit the Activities section of our website.


Sani’s new Football Academy Academy in Association with Chelsea FC Foundation is another option for children to pick up a skill on their holiday. Suitable for children aged between five and fourteen of all levels, the academy is held six days a week and includes skills sessions and group games.

Lego Robotics Lessons

Stimulate your children’s curiosity to explore together and learn through play. The safe, LEGO solutions develop and give pre-schoolers the social skills to collaborate and communicate with the world around them; letting them discover their own capabilities and acquiring fundamental skills.

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Sani Marina Sailing Academy

Sani Marina, in cooperation with the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki invites all children aged 6-17 years old to experience the initial steps of Sailing in 10-hour intensive courses.
Lessons are held both on dry land and off shore and the participants are awarded with the accredited “Certificate of Attendance”.

Duration: May - August

Sailing Session Dates: Tuesday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday

Session Hours: 09:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 16:00; 16:30 – 19:30

Cost: 285€ per pupil per 9-hour course

Family (2+ pupils): 255€ per pupil per 9-hour course

Bike Riding / New cycling trails

The flat cycling paths circling the resort are ideal for keen young cyclists as there’s no steep hills or traffic. Sani’s cycling paths are safe and signposted enough for children of all ages, and perfect for those looking to make the leap from stabilisers to whizzing along on their own two wheels. For families with really little children, the bikes can come fitted with a comfy seat at the rear of a tandem so all the  family can cycle together. And for those who like to get around on two wheels, you can now enjoy a guided bike tour of Sani. For more information, please contact SANI VIP Services, +3023740 99405 (ext 8315)

Sani Kids Eco-activities

Fun games, art, observation, storytelling and nature exploration are all part of the Sani Explorers Programme.

Sani Adventurers get the opportunity to experience the natural environment of Sani, and get involved in its protection as they participate in fun outdoor activities, nature observation and citizen scientist programs...find out more

Paddle Board Yoga lessons

The lessons take place in the swallow water of Ammos beach and  last approx. 60 minutes, offered free of charge. Paddle Board Yoga  lessons include 30 minutes of paddling (excellent for the core, back and arms) and the rest is yoga practice on the board. Because the poses are performed on a moving surface, you will be engaging muscles that you normally wouldn't. It's far easier to find that inner quietude floating on the quiet waters of Aegean, than in a crowded, yoga class. And best of all, tumbling from your board proves to be a quick way to cool off.

Bird Watching

With a world-renowned wetlands sanctuary on Sani’s doorstep, guests will delight in all the variety and colour of the birds in their natural habitat. Easily accessible on foot, the Sani wetlands is a peaceful unspoilt spot of land for families to enjoy together. For those who would like to join an organized tour, they are available though the SANI VIP Services.

Baby Swimming lessons

Babies are really at home in the water and it’s great to build confidence from a young age. Our new relaxing swimming sessions offer babies and toddlers the chance to learn to swim above and below water while in the reassuring company of their parents.

Held in the warm indoor pool of MySpa at Sani Beach, the lessons are carried out by qualified and experienced swimming instructors, who have put together a five day programme of fun sessions for toddlers and babies aged between six months and four years old.

Sani Eco Days

Join us for the Sani Eco Days taking place around Sani Marina and offering all kinds of fun activities from lessons on painting nature and children’s theatre performances to eco-workshops and a gala of singing and dancing featuring local youth bands and traditional Greek music. While at the eco market, guests can get a taste of local products such as honey, wine, jewellery, sweets and textiles, as well as feast on a buffet of freshly caught delicacies at the ouzo tapas fiesta.