Sani Kids Eco-activities


Children aged 4 to 11, become explorers and participate in indoor and outdoor activities that relate to the unique natural environment of Sani. Fun games, art, observation, storytelling and nature exploration are all part of the three Sani Explorers Programmes:

Forest: Children set off to the nearby forest, with magnifying glasses, compasses, tablets and microscopes that allow them to discover the plants, insects and animal tracks found in Sani.

Birds of Sani: Children meet the birds of Sani through matching games and get a chance to spot them with their monoculars. They create bird nests, imitate their songs with water whistles, and create their own flying birds.

Sea and Sand Dunes: The children explore the sand dunes and beach of Sani , where they experiment with sand and sea grass, play fish themed games, create beach ecosystem jars, and record their findings with waterproof cameras.

For more information, please contact the Melissa Mini Club.


The teenagers (12-17 yrs old) of Sani Resort get the opportunity to experience the natural environment of Sani, and get involved in its protection as they participate in fun outdoor activities, nature observation and citizen scientist programs.

Bike and Birds: A challenging mountain bike ride takes the team past the wetlands and through the forest of Sani . Birds are observed, identified, and reported with the use of monoculars and bird watching applications, while field recording equipment is used to produce recordings of birds and other nature sounds that can be used as ringtones.

Sea and Science: Paddleboats are used to access the patches of sea grass just off the coast of Sani . The paddleboats are used for diving, snorkeling and racing, but also serve as platforms for research with several water measurements made and reported to the University of Plymouth .

For more information, please contact the Teenagerʼs club.

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