We welcome children at Sani and go the extra mile to make sure they have the best times with us. We also understand that some of our guests look forward to their own space too, where they can relax undisturbed.

We have therefore designated a number of locations including certain restaurants, pools and beach areas as adult-friendly for responsible guests aged 12 and above.

Grown-Up Dining

Veranda, Sani Beach

Fresco, Sani Dunes

Over Water, Sani Asterias

Dedicated adults-only sections in most restaurants across Sani Marina

Grown-up Beaches

Sani Club,  dedicated part of the beach

Sani Beach, part of Bousoulas beach

Grown-up  Pools

Porto Sani, adults-only pool

Grown-up Entertainment

Over Water Bar, Sani Asterias

‘Dance Dance Dance’ nights, exclusively for guests over 12 at the Garden Theatre  

Weekly White Parties 

Special DJ’s nights and pool parties with renowned djs

Grown-Up Radiance

My Spa, Sani Beach

The Club Spa, Sani Club

The Spa Suite, Porto Sani

Spa Retreat, Sani Asterias

The D Spa, Sani Dunes 


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