Sani Gourmet

Bringing together internationally acclaimed chefs at the peak of their power and rising culinary stars, Sani Gourmet is our gastronomic celebration of global talent and cuisine. In the stunning setting of Sani's top restaurants, the highly awarded line-up of Michelin-starred talent from Greece and around the globe create astonishing contemporary dishes to delight an audience of guests, gastronomes, media and influencers. Look forward to a sensational sensory journey through diverse cuisines and cultures; one that embraces the latest gastronomic trends and techniques, all accompanied by some of the finest local and international wines.

  • Sani Gourmet 2019

    The Philosophy

    Continuing the bright gastronomic tradition of Sani Resort, with its hand firmly on the culinary pulse of the globe, Sani Gourmet, is a celebration of culinary excellence. Read More

  • Gallery

    Sani Gourmet photo gallery. Visit Gallery

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