Sani Festival Venue

Sani Festival is synonymous with Sani Hill.

For 27 years, Sani Hill has been the central focus for the festival, providing the ideal setting for unforgettable concerts.

The location at Sani Hill, with its mediaeval tower, is the perfect background for concerts and dance performances. The sea, sky and greenery all work together in harmony to enhance the enjoyment of the music, inspiring the performers to greater heights and creating an experience that is truly out of the ordinary.

As time went by and the Sani Festival programme was expanded to include the other arts, it became necessary to find additional venues. Thus, the Orpheus Cinema was adopted as a venue for classical music concerts as well as film screenings, while the Garden Theatre hosted performances in our Avant Garde Theatre programme. New locations are invariably selected with a concern for quality, and it is the calibre of the venues it uses which has made the Sani Festival such an important date in the cultural calendar.

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