Sani Festival


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In music, a pause affects the timing of the next note – as well as its dynamics. 

In the same way, Sani Festival is making its spectacular return after a brief pause, to remind us how powerful music is, how important it is to resume, how essential to congregate.

New creators and living legends from the international scene as well as Greek artists with impressive track records come together in a programme filled with the rhythm, the melody and the pulse of an institution that stays true to its values and features: originality, high aesthetics and quality, and bridging hospitality and culture.

Thus, Sani Hill, at magical Sani Resort in Halkidiki, will be bathed in light once again, becoming the backdrop for our summer meetings, where the sea, the sky and the green coexist in harmony. Together, these elements comprise the ideal conditions to enhance the sounds of art, creating experiences that feel magical, almost ritualistic, bringing back the magic of Sani Festival, which has left its mark on the country’s cultural map.

Just before it celebrates its 30 consecutive years, Sani Festival is marked by a great absence; that of its Artistic Director for several years, Olga Tabouris-Babalis. The return of an institution that she has served and promoted with such passion could not but be dedicated to her.