Baby Consulting by Carol Mae

Holidaying for the first time with a young family can be a daunting experience. At Sani, we are continuously looking for ways to make things even more special and take the stresses away, therefore Sani families can benefit from a free session with renowned baby consultants at Carol Mae Consulting. This service helps families to adjust their children’s sleep and behavioural routines to the holiday setting, allowing parents and their little ones the luxury of truly relishing the Resort and all it has to offer. Programme options include a personalized guide on how to adapt your family to a new environment, with a list of extras that will transform your Sani suite into your home away from home and advice for available resort activities and airport/aeroplane coping tips.

Advice is available prior to your trip with complimentary tips for your travel to Sani and any time changes that may occur. If you are thinking of taking the leap and jetting off with your family for the first time, then fear not, as Sani is with you every step of the way.  The service is offered complimentary to all guests staying in a Porto Sani suite. This service is aimed at families with children from 0-2 years.

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