An Exclusive Menu for Young Food Explorers

Annabel Karmel, the leading global expert in baby and children’s food, is now pioneering the way youngsters refuel whilst on vacation!

Our new world-class baby and children’s menu at Sani Resort, specially designed by Annabel Karmel, introduces a world of flavour and fun. With lots of super-tasty, balanced meals to choose from - including vegetarian and vegan options - even the pickiest eaters will transform into young food explorers!

We want to give children the chance to try fresh, cooked-to-order food from around the world in the same way as their parents. That’s why we’ve enlisted the expertise of Annabel Karmel to bring her kids food know-how to Sani Resort with her Young Food Explorers Menu. From colourful quesadillas and giant cous cous salad, to crispy baked cod and yummy mini Med dishes, the menu has been specially designed for young palates.

“It’s important that children stay fuelled on the right foods throughout the day, and my specially designed meals are super-fun, yet healthy and perfectly balanced for young palates.

Annabel Karmel, MBE

Annabel’s cookbook-inspired baby purées are also available across resort restaurants, so even the youngest holidaymakers can explore a world of flavour.

Bring your family together over the table this holiday and enjoy Annabel’s Exclusive Menu across the resort’s restaurants.

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