We are proud to announce that Annabel Karmel MBE, the leading global expert in baby and children’s food, has cooked-up even more exciting, nutritious dishes for Sani Resort's Little Guests this year.

With 46 cookbooks and 30 years of food expertise, Annabel invites babies and children of all ages to refuel on the most flavoursome recipes across the resort – each uniquely prepared for young palates and packed with goodness.

And now there are even more opportunities for Little Guests to be wooed by food this season! 

The newly renovated Porto Sani, the ideal family hotel, offers an incredible experience for young families. With an abundance of added touches, we’ve put Little Guests at the heart of our offering, and food is no exception!  Annabel Karmel has created a showstopping buffet-style experience featuring the freshest choice of nourishing dishes, all served-up with a touch of Sani theatre.

Children will feast their eyes (and tummies) upon a colourful rainbow of recipes each day. With specially designed food stations featuring fish, meat, veggie and vegan options, children will love to feel grown-up by helping to serve themselves. Even the fussiest eaters will make a beeline for the buffet.

At Sani Resort, just like Annabel Karmel, we are dedicated to catering for families with allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements. All Little Guests at Sani will enjoy a variety of freshly prepared dishes. 

It’s important that children stay fuelled on the right foods throughout the day, and my specially designed meals are super-fun, yet healthy and perfectly balanced for young palates." - Annabel Karmel, MBE

Bring your family together over the table this holiday and enjoy Annabel’s Exclusive Menu across Sani Resort restaurants.

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