Little ones will love the games, colouring books and educational activities curated by our in-house Little Guests Team. Each activity is inspired by the unique natural environment found at Sani, whether it’s the enchanting pine forests, the bustling Sani wetlands or miles of velvet sandy beaches, children can discover what is so unique about our little microcosm.

  • Sani Resort | A planet called Sani

    Meet our family of birds

    This range of hand drawn illustrations and colouring sheets introduces little ones to the different bird species they could meet on their next holiday to Sani.

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  • Bring a bird to life

    Bring a bird to life

    All you need is some paint, glue, scissors and paper for this session of colourful creativity. These bird masks and life size models are sure to bring hours of fun and learning, supplied by our resident experts, Birdlife Greece.

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  • Sani Resort | A planet called Sani

    Take an adventure

    Meet Hermes, a black-winged stilt who gets lost in the Sani Wetlands. Join him on his journey to find his friends and a place to build his nest. A beautiful children’s book published by Sani Resort in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

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  • Can you spot the difference?

    Spot the difference

    There are so many different bird species to be found in the Sani Wetlands, each with their own special colours and shapes. Meet them all and begin your exciting journey to Sani Resort.

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  • The Sani Underwater Adventure

    Download our educational kid’s colouring books to learn about the underwater world of Sani, home to some of the world’s most magical sea creatures.

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