Sani Festival

For 27 years now, Sani Festival’s main aspiration is to open up bridges of communication between tourism and the arts, between Greek and foreign tourists. There is one language we all share, that of the arts and of innovation, placing before the public important artists and performers who are either visiting Greece for the first time or offering us an exclusive opportunity to enjoy their latest creation. Our duty -in respect to the audience- is to defend high standards of quality in the arts and entertainment, to advance the cause of culture and communication between natives and foreign visitors. As part of the above and despite the fact that Sani Festival’s identity is an international music festival, we took a step further and broadened its perspectives into other forms of performing arts, like modern dance, music theatre.

  • The Festival

    In Sani Resort, in 1992, when the first Sani Festival was staged on Sani Hill, there was excitement and the ambition to keep going. Read More

  • More information about the artists of Sani Festival 2020 will be announced soon.

  • Venue

    For 27 years Sani Hill has been the central focus for the festival, providing the ideal setting for unforgettable concerts. Read More

  • Tickets

    All the necessary information regarding the Sani Festival 2020 tickets, travel and more will be announced soon.

  • Sponsors

    Meet our partners and sponsor. Read More

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    Contact us for information. Read More

  • An e-tour to our special moments through our extraordinary photo gallery. Visit Gallery

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