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Sani Dunes brings guests a full choice of sports and outdoor activities to ensure every stay is a real pleasure. At Sani Sports Centre six tennis courts are available day and night together with many other activities including  table tennis, beach volley ball and mini soccer. There's a full range of water sports to enjoy including windsurfing and waterskiing, as well as  fun activities such as pedalos and ringos.

The open-air Garden Theatre provides a full schedule of entertainment, musicals and shows, while each year Sani plays host to the Sani Festival - one of the Mediterranean's leading musical celebrations. No stay is complete without a sundowner aboard our sunset cruise.

Have a look at our Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events and performances.

  • Chelsea FCF Football Coaching

    Sani’s going football crazy as we launch a fantastic new activity in association with Chelsea FC Foundation  - the 2017 Premier League champions and one of the world’s greatest football clubs - to offer all our younger guests the opportunity to improve their soccer skills with the professionals.

    So on your next visit to Sani, any budding premiership players aged 4-16 years can join in the training at our Chelsea FC Foundation Football Coaching. 

    Click here for more information

    Opening hours

    09:30 – 19:30 ( April –October)

    Age Groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-16 years


    1st week:

    1day course 120€ per child

    2days course 220€ per child

    3days course 260€ per child

    4days course 280€ per child

    5days course 300€ per child

    2nd week:

    6days course 360€ per child

    7days course 410€ per child

    8days course 450€ per child

    9days course 490€ per child

    10days course 520€ per child

  • The Sani and Volvo experience

    In conjunction with Volvo, Sani takes you on an exciting experience across the Kassandra Peninsula. Starting at Sani Dunes, this professional chauffeur-driven private tour can be arranged on request and presents all kinds of fabulous photo opportunities.

    Exclusively for guests of Sani Dunes , this complimentary two-hour adventure takes you down forest tracks, through olive groves and along dramatic cliff top paths. The highlight of the trip is a stop at the tip of Cape Posidi where guests are treated to magnificent views of the Aegean and Mount Olympus accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. One of the most beautiful tours in Halkidiki, it's not to be missed. For more information, please contact the SANI VIP SERVICES.

    Phone number
    23740 99405
  • Scuba diving

    For diving enthusiasts, or those who want to try for the first time, the Sea World Diving Centre at Sani Beach has the best equipment and professional PADI instructors. They also organise a wide selection of under-water excursions including a visit to a ship wreck...

    Click here for a taste of the diving experience to “Mitilini” ship wreck.

    Sea World Diving Centre website.

    Opening hours

    09:00am - 18:00pm


    Contact Sea World for details

    Phone number
    +30 23740 31745
  • Walking Trails

    Enjoy kilometres of forest trails and amazing views across the wetlands and the bird sanctuary. Maps for these hikes are available at your hotel reception.
    For more details visit the Around Sani section of our website.

  • Sani Water Park

    Located next to Sani hill, the Sani Water Park will keep your children entertained for the entire summer with some of the best water activities. Children must  always be accompanied by an adult.


    Please contact your hotel`s reception.

  • Beekeeping trips

    Tap into Halkidiki’s 2500 year old beekeeping tradition. A trip to learn about bees in Halkidiki with insightful stories about beekeeping. Meet the bees in their natural habitat,  learn about their incredible life and sample some of many local honey products. For more information and reservations, please contact the Guest Services Desk.

    Opening hours

    09:30 – 13:00  

  • Sunset cruises

    Enjoy our cruises through the waters we proudly call home; a very calm way to end your day. Just contact your Guest Services Desk and reserve your seat!
    All cruises depart from Sani Marina and are subject to weather conditions with the skipper’s decision being final.

  • Paddle Board Yoga lessons

    The lessons  are offered on request and taking  place in the swallow water of Ammos beach, free of charge. Paddle Board Yoga  lessons include paddling (excellent for the core, back and arms) and yoga practice on the board. Because the poses are performed on a moving surface, you will be engaging muscles that you normally wouldn't. It's far easier to find that inner quietude floating on the quiet waters of Aegean , than in a crowded, yoga class. And best of all, tumbling from your board proves to be a quick way to cool off.

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